A Practical Way of Packaging Gifts with Your Company Name

Cardboard boxes that are customized with your company’s logo or company name will help you spread your message and give your customers a reason to remember you and your company. With so many options now to customize your own custom cardboard boxes to your particular audience and market your brand, you will never take a generic or commercialized box from a box store again.

Uniquely branded boxes can customize your own boxes to include your logo, message or even combine the two. Whether your company name, motto or slogan is important to you, they can be added in on your own choice of font style and size. You can use either a standard print run of the font, or hand create a one-off design which will create a statement of your own. For those who may be less than creative, but still wish to have their company name on their boxes, or even for those who need a little something extra to complete their custom printed cardboard boxes, they have a range of blank cardboard boxes available. A blank design or logo box can be combined with your preferred text, and if you wish, you can even have your company name printed on the box itself.

Custom boxes can also be used as gift packaging for gifts. How? Simply peel off the label, slap your company logo on it, and you are good to go! They are light, so they are easy to send in the post; however, if you want a bit more cushion for sending in your personalized gifts, a cushioning foam cut out of a thick card board is an alternative to a traditional foam wrapped gift, which will help protect the cardboard during transit. Moreover, if you need packing material for a long trip, we recommend that you use thick, reinforced cardboard to ship your goods – use thinner, lighter materials to send small, portable items, and avoid using custom cardboard boxes for any shipping needs you may have.

Cardboard parcels – whether they are filled with standard parcels, or with custom printed cardboard boxes, the advantages of custom cardboard boxes go far beyond personalized gift packaging. These can be stacked to the required weight limit for maximum protection, or simply be thrown in the post. Cardboard parcels are far easier to send in the post than many alternatives, particularly for items such as computer equipment which can easily damage a padded envelope. Furthermore, if you use thick card board stock, which is stronger than many alternatives, then you are able to protect your goods even further by using parcel couriers who specialize in delivering small objects in awkward shapes.

As well as custom cardboard boxes packaging for personal items, they can also be used for confectionary. Should you ever wish to send a delicious chocolate bar that’s too large for a normal sized box, or even to fit into one of those tiny tins we have to keep seeing on TV, you will find a number of suitable boxes that will not only prevent damage but also ensure that your chocolate remains in perfect condition until it is opened! Many confectionary items are also produced in different packaging, so it may be worth looking at what’s available. You might prefer plain white cardboard boxes, but there are also luxury versions available, which offer a more sophisticated look.

Cardboard packaging is very convenient, especially for fragile items. In particular, if you are sending an antique toy, it could be damaged if the packaging had been poorly made, but because it is made from cardboard it is much less likely to break, making it a much safer item to send. For all these reasons, it makes sense to buy custom cardboard boxes, regardless of what you intend to use them for. They are the perfect way to ensure that your parcel reaches its destination in as unharmed a condition as possible.