6 Tips for Buying the Best Women’s Watches

A watch is more than just a timekeeping device or fashion accessory for most women. It becomes an extension of your style. When purchasing women’s watches, there are certain factors to consider in order to find the perfect match for your needs and preferences. Follow these six tips when shopping for an ideal womens watches.

1.   Focus on Quality and Craftsmanship

Invest in a well-constructed timepiece from a reputable brand. Examine the watch hands to ensure they adjust smoothly and the links in metal bands sit flush, without gaps or bends. Opt for scratch-resistant sapphire crystal rather than cheaper mineral glass for durability. Check the rating for water resistance based on intended use. High quality craftsmanship will translate to better performance and longevity.

2.   Select an Appropriate Size

Women’s watches now come in a wide range of case diameters, typically ranging from 22mm to 42mm. The size should be proportional to your wrist – a petite wristwatch will get overpowered on a larger wrist. A watch that is too loose or tight can also impact comfort. Know your wrist measurement and try different sizes when shopping to find the ideal fit.

3.   Complement Your Style

Match the watch’s design and accents to your personal style. For everyday wear, choose versatile neutrals like silver, gold or leather bands. Opt for an elegant bracelet-style watch for the office or gem-accented for nights out. Sporty designs work for casual days, while sleek minimalism pairs well with any look. Select colors, materials and embellishments that integrate well into your wardrobe.

4.   Assess Features and Functions

When shopping for a watch, first determine which features and functions are most important to you to help narrow the selection. Customized sports watches will give extensive activity or health monitoring if that is a priority. Prioritize higher water resistance ratings if you’ll be swimming or showering with the watch regularly. Those desiring a classic analog display with hands should choose a traditional watch, while smart watches allow you to receive notifications and other digital features. Useful convenience functions like calendars, alarms, stopwatches, and backlighting may also be beneficial. Assess your lifestyle and needs to discern which capabilities would provide the most value and benefit to you personally. This helps match key features and functionality to your individual priorities.

5.   Choose Durable Materials

Selecting durable watch materials ensures longevity with regular wear. Stainless steel and quality leather develop a unique patina over time. Ceramic, titanium, silicone, and canvas withstand rugged activities. Sapphire crystal is extremely scratch-resistant compared to regular glass. Weighing material durability with aesthetics allows you to find options that are long-lasting yet still complement your style. High quality materials that can withstand scrapes and bumps paired with craftsmanship helps watches maintain performance.

6.   Find Your Ideal Movement

There are a few main types to consider when selecting a watch. Manual-wind movements require periodically winding the crown to keep the watch powered. Automatic or self-winding movements utilize the wearer’s motion to automatically wind the mainspring without needing manual winding. Quartz movements use a battery and oscillator to provide very precise timekeeping without winding. Some newer watches are powered by converting light into electrical energy, eliminating the need for batteries. Smartwatches have sophisticated features but require frequent charging of their battery. Evaluating factors like desired convenience, accuracy, budget, and functionality helps determine the ideal movement for an individual’s needs and lifestyle.


When shopping for that perfect women’s watches uae, prioritizing quality craftsmanship, finding the ideal fit and complementing your style are key. Assess the features you need and opt for durable materials built to last. You may discover your go-to watch with some help that complements your appearance and goes nicely with your clothing. Spend some time thinking about your requirements and allow your own taste come through. A thoughtfully chosen watch becomes an invaluable part of your signature style.