How to Successfully Grade Your Pokemon Cards

Collecting Pokemon cards is more than a hobby for many, it’s a passion and for some a side business as the value of these cards can significantly increase if they are professionally graded. One of the leading agencies that offer this service is PSA (Professional Sports Authenticator). In Australia, PokeBox provides an efficient and reliable way to get your Pokemon cards graded by PSA. Here’s how you can successfully grade your cards with the help of pokemon card grading at PokeBox.

Understanding the Importance of Grading

Grading not only validates the authenticity of your Pokemon cards but also rates their condition on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being Gem Mint condition. The higher the grade, the higher the potential value of the card. It’s crucial to understand this before you begin the process of grading.

Choosing Your Cards for Grading

Not all cards are worth grading. Consider grading rare, valuable or sentimental cards. Additionally, cards in excellent condition are more likely to receive higher grades.

Preparing Your Cards

Before sending off your cards for grading, ensure they are clean and free of fingerprints. Use soft, lint-free cloths to gently wipe any dust or residue from the surface. Store each card in a card sleeve to protect them from damage during transit.

Using PokeBox for Pokemon Card Grading

PokeBox simplifies the process of card grading by offering a complete service, including insurance and shipping to PSA’s facilities in the USA. Their team carefully inspects each card before submission to ensure it meets PSA’s standards. They also handle all communication with PSA, providing updates throughout the grading process.

To submit your cards for grading through PokeBox, follow these steps:

Register an account on the PokeBox website.

Choose the ‘PSA Grading’ service.

Follow the prompts to complete your submission.

Securely package your cards and send them to the provided address.

Waiting for Results

The grading process can take several weeks to months, depending on the level of service chosen. Once completed, your graded cards will be securely returned to you.

Card grading at PokeBox is a seamless and secure way to potentially increase the value of your collection. By understanding the grading process and how to prepare your cards, you can ensure the best possible outcome for your precious Pokemon cards.