Four Reasons to Purchase Marijuana at a Dispensary

Even with the legalization of medical cannabis in Florida, the black market still exists. If you possess a Florida medical marijuana card, you can choose where to buy your medicine, whether from Fluent dispensaries or a local dealer. It is important to keep in mind that buying cannabis outside of a dispensary is not legal and can land you in prison. But, there are other good reasons to buy your cannabis at a dispensary. These include the following:

Purchasing Marijuana at a Dispensary Keeps Money in the Economy

Getting marijuana on the black market is like sending money out of state or out of the country to Central American or South American drug lords. This means millions of dollars leaving the state’s economy. By buying from a dispensary, you can help local businesses and the communities thrive.

There are Restrictions to your Card

While having a medical marijuana card protects you from getting arrested, it has conditions like where to buy marijuana, how much you can buy, how much you can transport, and others. This means that you can still get arrested if you are outside o the boundaries of the law. So what is at stake and is it worth the risk?

Anyone convicted of possessing more marijuana than their legal limit as permitted by the medical marijuana laws in Florida becomes a felon. Such crime is punishable by a prison sentence of up to 5 years and up to $5, 000 fines. More serious sentences are expected if you are caught within 1, 000 feet of a school, park, college, or other specified areas. If you add up all the prison time and fines, it is simply not worth the risk.

You are Supporting Criminals if you Purchase Illicit Marijuana

By purchasing marijuana from the black market, you encourage violent crimes. While some products come from small local growers, others might come from a cartel with blood-stained hands.

Marijuana on the Black Market is not Safe for the Environment

The majority of illicit marijuana on the market is sourced from Western states. While legal growers operate under strict regulations, illegal ones usually have no concern for the environment and use pesticides and herbicides. These substances are quite toxic to the environment that even a teaspoon of them can already kill a grown bear. When used to grow cannabis plants, some of these chemicals may end up in rivers and groundwater, harming both humans and the environment.

The most common cannabinoids in Cannabis tinctures are CBD and THC, which the most famous for its psychoactive effects.