Ear Piercing 101: Things To Know Before Visiting A Piercing Shop!

More people are interested in piercings than ever before, probably because the experience is just more professional. The typical choice is earlobe piercing, which doesn’t have to be complicated, as long as an experienced piercing artist is at the job. Much like tattoos, you need to be careful about a few things with piercings. First thing, select a piercing shop that’s renowned and has professional piercing artists. Do not compromise on this aspect, because your artist can offer all the firsthand information you may need to take a decision. Here are some quick things to know about ear piercings in general.

  1. About the experience

Piercings don’t have to hurt as it may seem like, especially earlobe piercing. Some parts of your body heal faster than others, especially the earlobe, and that’s because of greater blood flow. However, your outer ear has many areas that can take much longer to heal. The conch or tragus, for instance, can take two to three months to heal. As for the pain, that also depends on the part of the ear being pierced. Again, conch, tragus, and daith can hurt more. The threshold of pain varies from person to person, so it could be a completely different experience for you.

  1. About prepping

Your piercing artist will ask a few questions before deciding to go ahead. For example, if you are taking medications or have a medical history that may impact the piercing, he/she may ask you to wait/stop. Keep in mind that your body treats the piercing as an injury, so the healing response starts right away after the piercing. Your artist will also discuss the kind of jewelry that you can use. For certain parts of the ear, a ring may not be the most suitable choice, but what needs more attention is the choice of metal. Select anything from surgical-grade stainless steel, 18k gold or titanium. Nickel jewelry can trigger allergies in some people. No extra prep is required, but eat something before you step in, because your blood sugar needs to be stable, so that you don’t faint.

  1. About aftercare

Overcleaning is a strict-NO for piercings, but you have to clean the piercing at least once each day, or as recommended by the artist. Use the suggested product or a sterile saline wash meant to clean wounds. Don’t try any natural remedies and ensure that your hands are clean.

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