Buying Barware Online

It can be exciting and overwhelming when out-fitting out a bar. Where do you start? Where do you stop?! What are the essential purchases? How much of everything will you need? How much will it cost?

These questions and many more are bound to be on the mind of anyone planning to buy barware.

Whether it’s for home, a bar, a restaurant, hotel or swanky nightclub, knowing what and how much to buy can take a bit of planning. Before you randomly buy things that you don’t even know how to use, read ahead to discover some of the more common types of barware that you may wish to purchase.

Explore Types of Barware

Barware is broadly categorised into two types:

  • Bar equipment
  • Drinks

Bar equipment includes any type of equipment that is used to make or serve a drink. Drinks include…well…drinks… and the ingredients used to make them. Firstly, let’s take a look at some subcategories of common bar equipment.

Types of barware include:

  • Bar tools
  • Glasses and decanters
  • Bar accessories
  • Cocktail shakers and accessories

Bar tools are instruments and objects that assist you in making alcoholic drinks. They usually come in stainless steel, although for the more high-end cocktail barman, brass or copper bar tools are available for a premium. Bar tools include items such as:

  • Muddlers – Metal or wooden, for ensuring fruits are sufficiently muddled to release their flavou
  • Bar spoons – Extra long to get to the bottom of tall cocktail glasses.
  • Strainer – To ensure that cocktail is as smooth as can be.
  • Spirit measure – An essential piece of kit for any bar.

Glasses and decanters – No bar would be complete without a collection of glasses and decanters. These include:

  • Wine glasses – Red, white, and sparkling are the absolute minimum any bar should offer.
  • Beer glasses – Pint, half a pint and jug are very common in most bars.
  • Cocktail glasses – Tall, short, fat, thin – there are more types of cocktail glasses than you can shake a stick at.
  • Shot glasses – 1..2..3…floor. Make sure you never run out of these essential barware items.

Popular Drinks to Serve

After equipping your bar with some cool bar tools, fun toys and awesome gadgets, it’s time to think about the alcohol. A well-stocked bar is a joy to behold, but the opposite is also true. Essential alcoholic beverages to include in any respectable bar are:

  • Beer – Lager, stout, IPA as a bare minimum.
  • Wine – Red, white and rosé.
  • Vodka – A staple in a vast majority of cocktails.
  • Rum – White, dark, spiced – who doesn’t enjoy a mojito from time to time!
  • Gin – When life gives you lemons, make G&T!
  • Whiskey – Irish, Scotch, Japanese, American. These days there are an impressive number of whiskeys to choose from when outfitting your bar.