Android Devices: Tips to Maintain Optimum Performance 

If you use a Samsung smartphone, you certainly aren’t alone, as this platform has an almost equal share of the market as iOS. If you have recently purchased a top Samsung smartphone, here are a few maintenance tips to keep the device running efficiently. 


Battery health – Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines regarding how you use the battery on your device. Try to avoid using the device in very hot temperatures (below 36C), while you should always fully charge and let the battery almost run out of energy before recharging. 


Use a case and screen protector – Check out the stunning Chade Cases from a leading Australian supplier of smartphone accessories. Choose a good quality screen protector, which might cost a little more, and the screen will always be like new. Leather cases exude sophistication and will protect the device. 


Blow out all openings – Charger ports, speaker grille and other openings, can be cleaned with a cotton bud. You can use a toothpick to carefully clean out ports. 


Keep an eye on digital storage – If you have downloaded lots of music, but you never listen to it, you should delete the data and free up valuable drive space. There are free apps you can download from Play Store that will help you manage your digital memory.  


Always update OS – The operating system, Android, is constantly being updated; when you receive a notification that a new updated version is available, accept and install.  


Don’t download from unverified platforms – Malware can easily be slipped into a software bundle, so do not install software packages from unverified sites. The last thing you want is a virus on your smartphone. 


Restarting the device – Restart your device once a week to free up RAM and delete temporary cache files.  


De-activate unused widgets – Widgets run in the background and they use valuable computing power; go into settings/options/widgets and switch off unnecessary widgets. They also use a lot of battery life, so if the app is not in use, switch them off. 


Security breaches – Sadly, Android devices are susceptible to security breaches; do not click on anonymous links or open attachments from unknown senders. This can lead to malware getting on your device, which is not something you want. 


Avoid live wallpapers – They might look cool, but live wallpapers will sap your device’s performance. Your phone’s processor works at double time to make the visuals reach the screen and multi-tasking might not be possible. Turn off animations and you will see a noticeable difference in processing power. 


Hands-free Google assistant – We advise you to turn off Google’s assistant, when you are not using it, as it drains the device’s performance. There are many options that you might prefer to disable, so it makes sense to spend half an hour looking at your settings. 

By following the above advice, you can boost your device’s performance and whatever the make or model, there are options in settings to help your device process the huge amounts of data. Don’t hold on to your device for too long, as newer models are more powerful and have many new features.