Important features about Eyelashes Extensions you should be aware of

Women have been very specific when it comes to their overall appearance. They would be selective with their choice of makeup products that make them appear beautiful. It would be in your best interest to look for the best available options near you to enhance your overall appearance. A good option would be to use eyelashes extensions.

Eyelashes extensions would enhance the appearance of your eyes without anybody noticing the synthetic product. It makes your eyelashes appear fuller. Find everything you wish to know about eyelashes extensions on

A few important aspects to know about eyelashes extensions

  • Are eyelashes extensions the same as false eyelashes

A false eyelash has been a reproduction of a complete eyelash. It would be glued to the eyelid near the bottom of the eyelashes. They could be removed easily. False eyelashes are short-term enhancements for improving the overall appearance of your natural eyelashes.

On the other hand, eyelashes extensions are a series of individual eyelashes glued to the existing eyelashes. They would last approximately four weeks before you require replacing them.

  • How much do eyelashes extensions weigh?

Rest assured that eyelashes extensions would not weigh at all. Nonetheless, the chances of your eyes being exhausted due to continuous wearing them would be higher. It would be great for women having drooping eyelids. The eyelash extension would ensure that your eyelashes appear fuller and naturally beautiful.

  • What materials are used for the manufacturing of eyelashes extensions

Most of the products would be manufactured from organic human hair, synthetic fiber, manmade fiber, or mink hair. Commonly available eyelash extensions are manufactured from mink hair or manmade fiber.

  • How do you put on eyelashes extensions?

A professional beautician would provide a stable foundation for the extensions before choosing suitable eyelashes extensions for you. Every eyelashes extension would be applied to the existing eyelash hair with a special adhesive. Every eyelid would need several eyelashes extensions to create a natural-looking eyelash.

  • How to care for eyelashes extensions

The initial 24 hours would require you to be protective for eyelashes extensions. It would be important for you to prevent getting in contact with water, as the adhesive affixing the eyelashes extensions might weaken. The adhesive would require proper setting. You should not use oil-based eye makeup or removers, as the oil would weaken the bond.

With proper maintenance, eyelashes extensions could last a month before you require replacing them.